Financial Planner Port Lincoln South Australia


Financial Planner


Advanced Diploma Financial Planning
Accredited Listed Product Adviser Program
Professional Certificate in Self-Managed Superannuation Fund
Diploma of Interior Design


Association of Financial Advisers (AFA)
Financial Planning Association (FPA)

The world of financial advice may seem a far cry from the Australian Army Reserves, yet every day in her role as financial adviser, Triona draws upon the skills and expectations for discipline, dependability and problem solving that enabled her to serve so capably as a Reservist on the Ready Reaction Force for East Timor and on the security task force at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Inspired by the opportunity to help clients achieve financial security and build long-lasting relationships, Triona made the move to the financial services sector more than 15 years ago. She is a high achiever with advanced qualifications including the designation of AFA Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner, and is completing her Master’s degree in Financial Advice.

Triona is known for helping people from all walks and stages of life through education and empowered financial decision-making. Living in the rural communities of South Australia and Western Australia, her clients work in primary industries or professional services, and are often the owners of small to medium sized business.

Triona is adept at assisting clients who are new to investing to understand the myriad of options and identify appropriate strategies for their personal situation.

From apprentices starting out, young families, business owners, pre-retirees and retirees, through to those navigating aged care options, Triona’s clients typically have emerging financial complexities that often increase over time. Triona offers well-considered financial guidance to enable them to achieve their long-term financial goals.

Triona especially enjoys working with young families or singles at the start of their career, helping them achieve financial literacy and establish longterm financial goals for accumulating wealth. Partnering with her clients to prepare for their financial future, she identifies sustainable strategies in areas including debt management, building superannuation, protecting their lifestyle through personal insurances, and creating wealth through an investment portfolio.

Triona’s reputation extends to her work with more mature clients where the focus is on personalised planning towards a comfortable retirement.

As a proud member of the Active Financial Management team, Triona believes that the delivery of high quality yet affordable financial services by experienced and well-qualified professionals is the key ingredient that underpins this well-respected firm.

She offers her clients a pragmatic can-do approach, a sharp intellect and a practical and empathic nature – qualities that merge perfectly when assisting her clients to navigate their financial lives.

Triona admits her greatest reward is supporting her clients as a trusted partner, knowing they will be in a better financial position as a result of the relationship.


Born in Adelaide, Triona is grateful for her family’s love and for growing up in circumstances that taught her the importance of recognising opportunities for creating financial independence. She has spent most of her life in Port Lincoln where she now lives with her partner Glenn and their children Annie, Kara, Tom, Jessica and Brooke. She says raising a large and integrated family is her greatest challenge and most rewarding experience.

Triona’s energetic and proactive approach in her professional life is mirrored in her personal life, where she keeps fit by long distance running, competing in triathlons and playing hockey. She enjoys both the solitude of individual sports and the camaraderie of playing in a team. Triona also volunteers as coach and umpire and is an active participant in sporting club committees.

Triona’s whole life is characterised by positive energy, achievement and adventure. And this looks unlikely to change … she is looking forward to travelling the world in the years ahead.