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We create strong and enduring relationships as we work through the often complex and often intergenerational matters, that affect our clients’ lives.

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You’re well established in your work life, but lately you’ve realised retirement is just 10 short years away. You need financial advice and a plan for finalising any remaining home loan or other debt, and you need advice for boosting your retirement savings, particularly superannuation and for implementing investment strategies for passive income streams when you’re no longer earning. 

You have complexity, that may include farm or business succession, and you’re looking for a knowledgeable and experienced financial planner who will consider your financial affairs in context of what’s important to you personally and those who depend on you.  You need to know your financial options and require help deciding what’s right for you so you can feel confident knowing you’ll have enough to retire with financial confidence.


You’re no longer earning and that means you’re relying on your superannuation and established income streams to fund your retirement lifestyle. During this stage of life, it’s important to retain qualified advice to provide insight on matters including investing and market volatility, tax efficiencies, estate and aged care planning and for implementing succession plans, intergenerational wealth and asset transfer.

Making the most of your retirement opportunities and beyond, will mean ongoing qualified financial planning advice, regular reviews and support that includes opportunities to talk through changes in your life, health and circumstances for making decisions that are right for you.

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Business owners

Your personal and business life, which may include the family farm, are tightly linked and so too are your financial, tax and legal affairs.

Business owners have inherent financial complexity, and you need practical advice and expertise that includes informed and active financial representation when liaising with your accountant, lawyer and lender when making decisions.

You need financial advice that provides perspective and considers how business decisions could impact your personal financial circumstances. This may include advice for risk insurances including income protection that can enable you to earn income should you fall ill or have an accident, options for extracting surplus cash from your business to build your personal wealth, advice for building your superannuation balance and managing your SMSF, and when the time comes, considers your business exit plan which may include farm succession.

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